Astroblast! Book Series

This set was a real treat to work on. I love working on book series because it forces me to think past just a one off book cover. A challenge I always enjoy solving! Secondly, this book has puzzles and games on almost every spread - not just a regular story book.

I was hired to brand the series, "A" in Astroblast, and design the layout of the cover and interior. Bob's art was fantastic to work with and we were glad to veer in the retro direction for the overall design. Vintage space age posters, books, toys and packaging was our inspiration. The brainstorming sessions I had with Daniel really set the overall tone for this book and it was great collaborating with him on his vision. The cover features 3 sections: bottom features the main character in each story, top features a scene that supports the title, middle features the Astroblast logo and title copy. The "A" in Astroblast had to be designed since it would be appearing on space suits, space ships, beverages, etc. We decided to go with the "A" that featured a space ship window. I had a ton of fun working on the typography on the interiors/cover as well. Also, concepting and exploring how all the answers for the puzzles would be revealed was a task that I enjoyed. We did not want the answers to just be listed so why not place all the answers in a security monitor to tie into the beginning of the story? Done!

CLIENT: Scholastic Books
ROLE: Design, Art Direction, Production


Book Identity