Fairest of Them All book cover

Hi there,

Hope you are having an awesome summer! I definitely not ready to see it go!

I’ve had a major case of blogstipation, but I do swear to send an email out at least every 2 months moving forward (once a month would be my dream schedule!).

During my blogstipation, I had a chance to visit Antelope Canyon in Arizona this July and it was gorgeous! I felt like I was on Mars! However, Arizona in July, NEVER AGAIN! Next time I’ll wait till October to visit! I’d also like to share that my Tastee Toaster Calendar was published in Three Hundred and Sixty Five Calendars. It’s an awesome book featuring calendars with a twist! Check out my page here.

Anyway… Here is the latest project I’ve posted to my site!

I was totally excited to have the opportunity to work on the book, Fairest of Them All, by Sarah D. Littman! It’s second in the series. Here is the first just to refresh your memory! This story centers around Aria, she is a budding fashion designer who pricks her finger on the golden needle. She is the daughter of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. 

Below are a few of the sketches I sent along with the final. It was such a blast sketching and working on the type! Especially, solving the challenge of getting the title into the body of the sewing machine. 

To check out my portfolio page featuring this project please go here.

Thanks so much for your time and please be sure to connect with me on linkedininstagramdribbble and/or twitter for my current projects. I love blogging but I am more active on those channels.


Sketch 1

Sketch 1 - front view with eyes closed


Sketch 2
Sketch 2 - side view with eyes open





Book Illustration
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