Have You Ever? Book Cover

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Wanted to share some sketches for the Have You Ever? Would You Like To? sex quiz book I finished up for Source BooksThe content is a lot of fun, racy and sexy at times. The art director asked me to submit sketches with a text heavy design. They also wanted to see sketches with an icon and/or larger illustration. Since the direction was pretty open, I went to town sketching all sorts of concepts. Below are the sketches I submitted for round one.

To check out my portfolio page featuring this project please go here.

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Sketch 1

Sketch 1 NOTES: This is an all type version. I applied corners as additional ornamentation and added swashes and curves to make it more sultry. The swashes and curves can be rendered in a smoky & blurry manner to hint at the steamy nature of the book.



Sketch 2

Sketch 2 NOTES: This a close up crop of someone wearing a sexy garter (man or woman). It is very graphic and hints to the curious questions of the book.






Sketch 3
Sketch 3 NOTES: Blind folds and such add to the mystery of the questions this book contains. The concept reflects and hints to what you will see once the blind fold is removed and the book is opened.







Final : This banner concept was inspired by an original sketch I submitted that featured a woman wearing a blindfold (SKETCH 3).



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