Just Some Lettering

​Hey all,

Hope everything is well and you’re enjoying these first days of summer (I know, technically, not summer yet, but it totally feels like it in New Jersey!). I pinky swore to myself I would head to the beach often and enjoy this summer. The last two summers, I’ve spent moving/packing and planning a wedding so I owe it to myself to slug a little. Hopefully, you will to! Easier said than done - I know!

I wanted to share a bit of lettering with you that I’ve created for my licensing portfolio. Late last year, I joined Wild Apple and it has been an awesome experience learning and growing with the team. I’ve created artwork for collections and prints, some that I have shared below, and additional work will be coming in future posts. 

I love working on lettering that has a vector finish and also lettering that has a hand-drawn look and feel. Both styles always start off as a sketch so I can figure out how letters will fit and live together. “Which letter will have a fancy swash thing? Should the L hold the D or just kick it in the rump?” This is my favorite part! The words can be so much more that what they say!  I’m always exploring new textures and ways to execute typography. Lately, I love lettering with japanese calligraphy pens from ZIG. I mean, these pens eliminate the probability of me spilling and ruining things which I have done many times before. Most importantly, they feel and produce work that looks like brushes do!

The BE series was a blast to work on. I spent a lot of time working on the color for this collection. Creating gradients for each phrase that will work together and stand strongly on their own was an awesome challenge!






BEAUTIFUL is apart of a vectorized collection that was inspired by the typography I created for Spellcaster

I also decided to take it on a spin in the 3D world!



Thanks so much for your time and please be sure to connect with me on linkedin, instagrambehance and/or twitter for my current projects. I love blogging but I am more active on those channels.


P.S. I am currently seeking representation for editorial, advertising, & book illustration projects. If you know of an agency that my work could be a good fit for  - please shot me an email!

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