My Schnazzy New Site

Dom teaching Lola some mean programming skills.
Dom teaching Lola some mean programming skills.


​But I have some new work and website to show for it so I kinda have an excuse - not just a severe case of blogstipation. I have been enjoying myself but also crackin’ the whip with my fantastical husband, Dominic Tancredi & Lola the Cat. However, it is the summer so aren’t we allowed to press that reset button right about now? Easier said than done - I know.

Angela, Dom & Lola in the kitchen, January 2013:

ME: Dom, my website looks so dated. It’s so 2010 - lame! I want it to be mobile reflective… respondent…

DOM: Mobile Responsive?

ME: Yesssss, that’s it! Can we? Pretty please?!

DOM: OK, so let’s do it! You have to give me some examples of what you like and we can… (programmer speak… words.. more words… big words…)

ME: Yes! I like all of those and I will dig online for ideas and we can get this puppy started!


ME: Sounds like Lola wants us to get crackin or change her litter box since it smells like dead people. Hmmmm…. Probably the litter box…

And so it began! I mean this site probably took longer than it should of but it’s here now (thanks to my amazing programmer husband) and I am super relieved! Please peruse my site and feel free to tell me what you like or don’t like. Hopefully we can chat or work together in the near future!

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