Charmed I’m Sure Book Cover

I was totally excited to have the opportunity to work on the book, Charmed I’m Sure, by Sarah D. Littman. It’s the story of the slightly awkward daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. How adorable is that?!

The talented art director, Laura Lynn DiSiena of Simon and Schuster, sent me the direction she wanted me to go in and I loved it all over and inside out! She wanted the cover to be really graphic and feature a few things: a mirror compact (has pieces from the famous mirror from Snow White), close up of Rosie (the daughter of Snow and Prince) slightly hidden behind the compact, and modern typography with some fairytale flare on the compact. I seriously couldn’t wait to start! I started off with how I thought the lettering could work on the compact. Then moved on to different perspectives Rosie could be placed behind the compact. On this page, to the left, is the final. To view my original concepts and sketches please visit my blog post.

CLIENT: Simon & Schuster
ROLE: Lettering, Illustration
ART DIRECTION: Laura Lyn DiSiena
AUTHOR: Sarah D. Littman