Dom & Tom Rebrand

DOM & TOM is a web/mobile development studio in NYC and Chicago. The owners are twins and have opposite personalities. They also have a background in acting so the facial expressions of the robots are inspired by the Comedy and Tragedy masks. They truly work together like a well oiled machine: 2 parts to one whole.

This was a rebrand and we wanted to maintain some feature from the original branding. We chose to stick with a similar color palette and it worked really well with the new logo. The inspiration for the typography and logo was a mixture of 1950's Space Age and Russian Constructivism. I collected a ton of inspiration to show my intend direction for the rebrand. Paul, Dom, Tom and myself all had a blast nailing down look & feel. The final product was a style guide including: fully designed logos for a variety of instances, typography, stationery, extended color palette, incorrect usage and reproduction artwork.

CLIENT: Dom & Tom Inc.
ROLE: Design, Art Direction, Illustration
ART DIRECTION: Paul Petrowsky
RECOGNITION: CMYK Magazine 54 Pro Showcase, I HEART LOGOS 3