Have You Ever? Book Cover

I was approached by Source Books to work on a sex quiz book. This book contains 120 questions that sometimes made even me blush! The content is a lot of fun, racy and sexy at times. The cover direction from Adrienne was to submit sketches with a text heavy design. They also wanted to see sketches with an icon and/or larger illustration.

Since the direction was pretty open, I went to town sketching all sorts of concepts. Source Books had a lot of text they wanted on the cover so I was exploring more tall and narrow type choices. I presented about 5 initial sketches and they eventually decided to go with something more clear and organized. This banner concept was inspired by an original sketch I submitted that featured a woman wearing a blindfold. What you see before you is the final cover I submitted. To view my original concepts and sketches please visit my blog post.

CLIENT: Source Books
ROLE: Design, Art Direction, Lettering
ART DIRECTION: Adrienne Krogh


Book Typography