Hippo Hop IPhone App

Hippo Hop is a game that features 3 characters that live in the same environment. Each player can jump through a series of platforms without falling by tilting the device from side to side. This game can be a single or multi player and features levels inspired by jungles, oceans, waterfalls, forests, etc. The screen to your left displays the "Jungle" level which allows the player to hop on falling leaves and branches to reach the end.

I am a big fan of UX UI design. Not only does an app or website have to be visually appealing, it also has to have a logical user flow while making the experience as pleasurable and easy as possible. Not an easy task for sure! Dom and I are always collaborating and we wanted to take a stab at creating a simple mobile app that is addicting and visually delicious. We decided on featuring a hippo, alligator and toucan. Each character has a special power that can trip up an opponent and fight off other evil doers. Unfortunately, this project was placed on the back burner but we hope to be resurrecting it soon.

ROLE: Design, Art Direction, Illustration
DEVELOPMENT: Dominic Tancredi


Illustration Digital