Love You Like Variety Pack

This set of cards was developed from the terms of endearment my husband and I would say to each other. Love you Like... A Fire Loves Marshmallows, Lemonade Loves Ice & A Toaster Loves Toast were some of the few we thought would look adorable once illustrated. Also, a clever way to say I love you to that special someone. We also had an idea to do: Love you Like An Ear Loves A Q-tip but we will leave that one in the MAYBE pile for now.

I created an environment for these characters to live in that could be present on every Love You Like. It was super important that the world and color scheme was consistent as a set but also strong enough to stand on their own. It was a blast to develop all the characters and typography for these. We have a few new ones that will be for sale in our Doo Daa shop soon so keep your eyes peeled! Our Love You Likes were printed by Rolling Press. They did a fantastic job and we are proud to say these cards are printed with soy inks on recycled paper!

CLIENT: Doo Daa Studio
ROLE: Design, Lettering, Illustration, Art Direction
ART DIRECTION: Dominic Tancredi
PRINTER: Rolling Press


Illustration Product Typography