Mickey Mouse Style Guide Vignettes

I was approached by Disney Consumer Products to refresh their infamous Mickey Mouse! I had free reign to create a refreshed version of Mickey that would be on textiles, vignettes & all sorts of consumer products. To create 4 different sets that worked on their own and also in unison. I met with Kim Sage a couple of times (the second meeting I experienced my first earthquake! Wooo, not really) and she was incredible. She was patient, well informed and had a ton of inspiration to show me. It's fantastic when a director really allots some time to the initial creative briefing. It really starts the projects off right.

I am a big fan of working on projects that force me to see beyond just a one off. To make sure that a look and feel is consistent across all mediums and unique enough to fly solo is a challenge I often love sinking my teeth into. I explored away and created inspiration boards in line with what they were looking for. Then I started with the vignettes and used some of the art that Disney had provided. I created a simpler version of the vignettes and started creating patterns with them. Finally, I explored color and texture. This was the glue that held it all together. Once I presented I received praise all around. It was so happy my clients were happy - the best feeling ever.

CLIENT: Disney Consumer Products
ROLE: Design, Art Direction, Illustration
ART DIRECTOR: Kim Sage, Jim Podhaisky


Illustration Identity