Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Picture Book

I was totally excited to have the opportunity to work on this classic tale! After reading the story and checking out Antonio's beautiful work, I knew I had to do something fancy to do this gorgeous picture book justice.

I started off with some sketches for the lettering and "75th Anniversary" emblem. Presented them to the awesome art director, Chani, and she was on board! When she told me we had foil, embossing and spot uv specs we both drooled and did the dance of joy for a few minutes (true story - almost). I continued designing while keeping the specs in mind for the jacket - "we could add foil on the front, the back and the flaps of the book jacket? Oh.. my... goodness!" I created a frame and other ornate details that could be used on the cover (in gold foil - ohh la la!) and accent certain pages of the interiors. Also, I created drop caps for the interiors, based on the "Rudolph" lettering, to break up the copy a bit. This book was truly an awesome project to work on. Seeing it early on and through production was a completely satisfying experience.

CLIENT: Simon & Schuster
ROLE: Lettering, Design
ILLUSTRATION: Antonio Javier Caparo
AUTHOR: Robert L. May


Book Typography