Sauce Restaurant Exterior Mural

Sauce Restaurant is a yummy italian spot located in the lower east side of NYC. Their lovely branding was developed by Meter Industries. I was contacted by Marty to illustrate and design an exterior mural to compliment their current branding. I think Marty knew I was the gal for the job when I told him I grew up with 2 crazy Italian parents, had provolone and prosciutto hanging in our food pantry and spent 5 days every August making tomato sauce in our basement that would last for the year.

I enjoyed this project incredibly. Marty shot me some ideas from him and his client, inspiration and a style guide they had developed. He was super thorough and informative which made him a pleasure to work with. Soon after, I went to town developing sketches and laying down type. What you see before you were the finals submitted. Marty has an amazing sign painter contact that will implement the finals onto the exterior of the restaurant.

CLIENT: Meter Industries
ROLE: Design, Illustration


Typography Illustration