Save the Date Invite

This is the Save the Date Invite I created for my own wedding. Our wedding was on the beach so we decided to incorporate a sea/nautical theme into our invite. Plus, I have a slight obsession with mermaids. I thank Disney's "The Little Mermaid," for my desire to be a mermaid since I was eight. Twenty five years later, mermaid love still running strong!

I wanted to create something that was self contained and displayed movement all in paper form. I gave myself a tall order to fill but since this was for my own wedding - I had to do it. I love fold and mail stationery and that inspired this concept. I created custom typography and illustrations which I had a blast doing. I made sure that when a guest opened their invite, there would be a new portion revealed under each flap that would line up with what they previously saw. It started off as an 8.5 x 4.5 envelope that opened up to a 13 x 11 invite. In the slide show to the left, you can see how I designed each flap to lead the guest to the information they needed in order to attend the wedding. Also, finding a paper that would work for this concept was difficult. Eugene and Molly from Rolling Press were super helpful and provided invaluable advice that made this invite shine.

ROLE: Design, Art Direction, Illustration
PRINTER: Rolling Press


Illustration Typography