Small Talk NY Branding

Small Talk NY provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for children of all ages. Their main focus is speech therapy, however, they also provide holistic health coaching and occupational therapy. Eve and Susan, the owners, are identical twins (I seem to attract twins for identity projects!). I was so happy to help develop an identity for a place that helps out children in a holistic way.

The owners wanted something that represented who they are in a fun, non-clinical way. Also, "no speech bubbles allowed"! I was super glad to hear that! I presented a few concepts to Eve and Suzanne and they veered towards the Venn Diagram and punctuation as elements to convey what they do and who they are. My intention with the Venn Diagram was to A. Show that they are identical twins, who are of course similar but also separate and unique, B. Their services also overlap in many ways and, as a whole, create something that is far greater than "small". Small pieces make a big impact overtime! Right? I thought the punctuation would be a fun secondary graphic to use on their website, marketing materials, stationery, etc. Luckily, the owners did too! So after having a concept to go with I approached the identity with the retro, hand-lettered vibe Eve and Suzanne wanted. I had a blast illustrating the punctuation and faces. I made sure the faces could be either boys or girls and represented "identical twins".

CLIENT: Small Talk NY
ROLE: Design, Art Direction, Illustration