Spellcaster Book Cover

Claudia Gray's, Spellcaster, is a teen paranormal romance. It reminded me of older historical stories of witches, charms and generations of power. Harper wanted the cover to have a magical look to it and examples given were sparkles, flames or swirling smoke. The main character, Lia, always wore an ivory charm bracelet that assisted her in her magical spells.

The magical charm bracelet was a constant area of focus so I wanted to implement it in a not so literal way. I decided to reflect the idea of all the linked charms of Lia's bracelet in the typography. The type on all three cover options have a mystical feel to them but if you look closely you can see that there are links keeping the type together, helping them connect. The imagery also had to show the main character in a similar, otherworldly tone. After researching possible scenarios of how the main character and type could live together on the front cover we narrowed down a model and photographer that would help us achieve this look.

CLIENT: Harper Collins
ROLE: Design, Lettering, Art Direction


Book Typography