Tastee Toaster Calendar

Being a long time fan of toasters, it was only natural that I would end up making a toaster that could be on display on my office desk as well. This product was a passion project of mine that turned into a reality. It was challenging but incredibly rewarding. From the hand-lettered months of the year, design, paper type & layout – I learned and was inspired throughout every phase.

Doo Daa Studio, which is the shop my husband and I sell goods through, received a lot of press over this handy dandy calendar. It was acknowledged by the Museum of Modern Art Open Call. Unfortunately, when we presented, we were still working out the kinks and we didn't make it to the next round. Drats! However, we persevered! We found an amazing printer to produce and sold through Fab, Scout Mob, Etsy and our own site. Later on we were featured on various blogs, newspapers, gift guides and more!

CLIENT: Doo Daa Studio
ROLE: Design, Art Direction, Production, Illustration
PRINTER: Henry & Co.
RECOGNITION: UPPERCASE Magazine, Design Crush, 24 HOURS Magazine


Product Typography