Clifford’s 50th Anniversary Book

When I received word that Clifford the Big Red Dog was turning 50 I was probably more excited than someone my age should have been. At that point, I was working side by side with the uber talented Daniel Moreton and Paul Banks for 2 years refreshing and updating Clifford's dated look. This was a perfect ending to my stint with Clifford. I know Clifford is near and dear to Scholastic and I could not have been more honored to be chosen to work on this book.

Having the new Clifford look practically embedded into my brain I knew what I had to do and hit the ground running. The meetings I had with Daniel on the look for this book were fantastic. We met often to brainstorm crazy ideas, develop an attack plan and digest the lovely 1960's inspiration that would influence this treasury. We had access to the original Clifford books published in the 60s which were only printed in 2 colors. In order to solve the issue of all 6 books looking similar we assigned a color to each story that a reader would associate with while browsing the treasury. It was important the color in each story stood on its own and worked together. Patterns, story ending icons and many other custom graphics were created to carry and adhere to the new Clifford look.

CLIENT: Scholastic Books
ROLE: Design, Art Direction
CREATIVE DIRECTION: Daniel Moreton, Paul Banks
ILLUSTRATION: Norman Bridwell